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Family Job Site Inspection Day!
Boss Baby aka Dolores Jane Goodrich


On August 8, 2017 we decided to hang out with Daddy (Chris Goodrich) for a bit to check out their progress on the house we are building for Jake Medler in West Point, AR.  Pictured above is our youngest daughter, Dolores, doing her walk thru inspection of the guys’ work so far!  I think she approves!!

Shop Building

Earlier this year we constructed a 30’x40′ Shop Building in Romance, Arkansas.


The location has a spectacular view of the foothills of the Ozark Mountains!

This project consisted of a

30’x40′ 4″ concrete pad smooth finish with wire mesh &

3500 PSI Visqueen Vapor Barrier- Granular Fill

3′ concrete ramp across front of building

8x8x16 block foundation – 2 block high

24″x12″ footings with 3 runs of #5 rebar,

Engineered Trusses 4/12 Pitch

2x6x10′ Sidewalls

2x4x10′ Endwalls

(4) Windows

(1) Man Door

(2) 9’x9′ Bay Doors

(1) 8’x8′ Bay Door

and a driveway with a turn-around